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Superhero Challenge

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The Superhero Challenge is a 3-week informational challenge to improve your health, your fitness, and your habits. Entry costs only $21. Learn More.

Challenge runs from June 2 until June 22.
Registration is open until June 5.

Eat clean. Get strong. Love life.

Get Healthy

With daily fitness and nutrition videos from certified personal trainer Emily Schromm of Unleashed Fitness.

Win Prizes

The top finishers will win a variety of prizes, including kettlebells, t-shirts, and sessions with Emily.

Build Habits

By submitting your progress on a daily basis, you will start building good fitness and health habits that will become ingrained by the end of the challenge.


It offered so much more than I expected and I loved every second of it. The 21 days with you was not only educational, but I had a blast, the workouts were a fun change (even if they kicked my butt or maybe BECAUSE they did!), and I really loved interacting with everyone else that participated also. THANK YOU!


In these 21 days I have gone down almost 2 pant sizes & haven't fit into pants this small since I was probably like 13. I also got my first kipping pull-ups and can now string almost 4 together, as well as got a front squat pr that I'm super proud of. All of that in 3 weeks because of the encouragement and inspiration you gave to me (and everyone else) to push the limits of what you think is possible.


Thanks for a wonderful journey.. For the advice.. For showing me, and everyone who did this challenge (woot woot) that we can do anything we set our minds to.. I must say Day 1 was so tough for me..butter in coffee , no bread, no pasta. Now today I'm happy , have more energy, and have no desire to get back to any of the junk. I only have more motivation to continue with this journey.